New threat? Researched it.

How it works:


As soon as a threat or vulnerability (such as Log4Shell) is discovered or announced, Team Axon researches the threat and investigates your environment for potential impact and risk by utilizing relevant IOCs and TTPs.


The team issues an advisory and practical hunting tools to all customers, via email, Twitter, GitHub, blog posts, and the Rapid Response status page.

Advisories include:

  • Information about the threat
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Hunting queries
  • Additional resources


If there’s suspicion that you’ve been affected, Team Axon reaches out individually with a full report detailing what happened and next steps.


Relevant detection methods are implemented in the platform, providing immediate coverage against imminent threats and extending future automation to all Hunters customers.

"By the end of the second day after the SolarWinds attack had been publicly disclosed, I had done executive updates confirming the status of where we were related to the threat. That was purely based on what we had gotten from Team Axon in the form of in-platform reports after they sweeped IOCs and confirmed that our environment was clean."

CISO, FinServ Company in the US


Axon Reports

If Team Axon finds a potential attack in your environment, they’ll send you a human-readable report, containing:

  • Threat summary
  • Risk assessment
  • Recommendations and immediate action items
  • Thorough timeline and kill chain analysis
  • Relevant data sources for hunting


Fill in your blind spots

Today’s security teams are choosing to take a proactive approach to threat prevention. Team Axon performs periodic threat hunting activities over your environment, helping your team detect and respond to emerging threats that may have been missed by traditional security measures.
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We go where you don’t

Team Axon analyzes raw logs in the “dark corners” of your network where your team isn’t necessarily looking.

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Reports your boss gets

If a threat is found, Axon alerts your team and provides a detailed report with best practices and recommendations.

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How’s my hunting?

Periodic security posture and hygiene reports help your team stay above water.

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Love for the community

Interesting research findings are often published on Twitter or on the Hunters blog.

“Overall, the support from Hunters was phenomenal. But what was really meaningful early on in our POC was Team Axon. They were the team of professionals that identified the security incident that we had across multiple environments, and told the narrative quickly, accurately, and concisely.”

John Fung

(Former) Deputy CISO, Cimpress

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Frequently Asked Questions

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