Hunters SOC Platform on AWS

Hunters SOC Platform seamlessly scales across AWS environments to ingest, index, investigate, correlate and retain all security log and event data. 

Data from AWS such as CloudTrail, GuardDuty, VPC Flow Logs and AWS WAF is intelligently processed and normalized into a single, unified schema to facilitate analysis across the entire security stack.

Centralize Security Operations with:

  • Ingestion and normalization of telemetry at cloud-scale
  • Unique automated detection capabilities
  • Visibility into AWS users and/or systems across different platforms
  • Correlated AWS session activities integrated into single stories
  • Two-way insights and correlation between Cloud and EDR


Hunters SOC
Platform Benefits

Data Engine
Solve the challenges around data scale, cost and reliance on data engineers
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Increase threat coverage while minimizing reliance on rule-writing
Attack Surface Coverage
Significantly reduce time to containment and remediation


Visit us on the AWS Marketplace

Hunters is available for AWS customers directly through the AWS Marketplace, simplifying the Hunters workflow and helping our joint Hunters-AWS customers solve the most important challenges faced today by security operations teams.