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Hunters SOC Platform on the Databricks Lakehouse

For the first time, Databricks customers will be able to stand up a security data lake for security operations (data ingestion, detection, investigation and response) in just a few clicks using Hunters SOC Platform.

“Hunters and Databricks are the perfect match for advanced detection on a lakehouse architecture and we're just getting started. This integration opens the flood gates to future advanced detection pipelines using ML/AI capabilities in the Databricks Lakehouse.”

— Fermín Serna

Chief Security Officer at Databricks


With Hunters and Databricks, You Can:

Retain All Your Data Without Compromise
Build a Security Data Lake

Hunters can ingest data from all of your security and IT products. If you have a SIEM we’ll replace it. You’ll never have to make difficult decisions on which data sources to retain.

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Detect and Investigate Incidents

Hunters provides a library of hundreds of built-in, always-on detection rules that are automatically tuned and cover the majority of the threat landscape, mapped onto a common industry framework.

Investigation Engine
Search & Incident Response

Make use of unlimited data in your day-to-day investigations and in your most critical incidents. Some capabilities supporting this are IOC Search, Entity Search and the access to the raw data.