Hunters SOC Platform and Snowflake Security Data Lake

Help your security team achieve greater coverage at a lower cost by pairing Hunters SOC Platform with Snowflake. Reduce your mean time to detect (MTTD) and respond (MTTR) with built-in MITRE-based detection and response.

“Hunters is the engine of the
Snowflake Security Data Lake”

— Omer Singer

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake

Security Operations at Cloud-Scale

With Hunters and Snowflake, You Can:

Retain All Your Data Without Compromise
Retain All Your Data Without Compromise

Hunters can ingest data from all of your security and IT products. If you have a SIEM we’ll replace it. You’ll never have to make difficult decisions on which data sources to retain.

Gain Visibility Across Data Silos
Gain Visibility Across Data Silos

To be able to see and stop an attack in real time, you need full visibility across all your telemetry. Hunters deploys out-of-the-box security analytics to give your team all the relevant context needed to mitigate the risk.

Organized & Accessible Data at a Predictable Cost
Organized & Accessible Data at a Predictable Cost

Retain all the data needed for security, accessible and organized without paying a fortune. You no longer need to pay expensive bills for traditional solutions like SIEM. Hunters and Snowflake let you ingest and retain more data at a fraction of the cost.

“Snowflake’s Data Cloud coupled with Hunters’ breakthrough technology in security operations, empowers joint customers with best-in-class automated threat detection at cloud-scale.”

— Stefan Williams

Head of Corporate Development
and Snowflake Ventures

Security Operations at Cloud-Scale

Hunters & Snowflake is for Security Teams That Want to:

data in one place
Get Up and Running Fast

Hunters is a turn-key platform that performs seamless ingestion. You’ll get built-in ETL and out-of-the-box detection and investigation.

See Real-Time Attack Stories

Hunters SOC Platform integrates with Snowflake to connect the dots between data points to deliver an attack story to your SOC analysts with the context needed to respond.

Speed up your SOC
Ingest Data from Dozens of Sources

Using cloud connectors, Hunters collects logs, events and telemetry from dozens of sources including EDRs, NDRs, Cloud service providers, Firewalls, Identity and Access Management tools, and more.

Discover new threats, faster
Avoid Hiring More Data Engineers

Many SIEM implementation projects never come to completion because they require heavy lifting from data engineers. Hunters out-of-the-box functionality means you’ll get up and running quickly with built-in detection. And, have the flexibility to write your own custom detections.

“Hunters allowed us to be more aggressive with our reduction of noise and improve fidelity”

— Mario Duarte

VP Security, Snowflake