Hunters is a cloud-native platform built to support the entire SOC workflow: from data ingestion and retention, to threat detection, investigation and response.


What does Hunters SOC Platform do?

Hunters SOC Platform Capabilities

Why would I need Hunters, if I already have a SIEM?

What's the difference between a SOC Platform and a SOAR

How does Hunters work with Snowflake?

How does Hunters work with Databricks?

Does Hunters protect against insider threats?

Does Hunters have UEBA capabilities?

What type of detection / analytics do I get out of the box?

Data and Deployment

How much data can the Hunters SOC platform take?

Managed Services

What is the difference between Hunters and an MSSP?

How does Hunters work with an MSSP?

Team Axon

Who are Team Axon and what are their capabilities?


What technology integrations does the Hunters platform have?

What data sources does Hunters integrate with?


How does Hunters' pricing model work?