The move accelerates the company’s growth as the leading alternative to SIEM
  • Hunters is the first partner to offer an end-to-end security operations platform for companies looking to leverage Databricks as their security data lake. 
  • Hunters helps customers move beyond SIEM and consolidate their data in a modern, cloud-based data lake for better cost and security outcomes. 
  • Hunters powers security operations in world leading organizations, including: Netgear,, Upwork and Gong.


NEWTON, Mass., March 27th, 2023 – Cybersecurity company Hunters is excited to announce the integration of its SOC (Security Operations Center) Platform with the Databricks Lakehouse. For the first time, Databricks customers will be able to stand up a security data lake for security operations (data ingestion, detection, investigation and response) in just a few clicks using Hunters SOC Platform. 

Hunters SOC Platform is a modern, cloud-native alternative to SIEM that ingests, normalizes and analyzes data from all security and IT sources, including endpoint telemetry, network traffic, identity, and cloud infrastructure. With the built-in integration capabilities, Hunters makes it easy for security teams to ingest security data: No need to engineer, deploy and maintain ingestion pipelines. The platform delivers Detection Engineering as a Service, eliminating the repetitive security engineering work for all the common security use cases and removing the need to set up and maintain detection rules, so security teams can focus on the use cases that are unique to their organization. The platform also automates cross-correlation and investigation to significantly reduce mean time to respond (MTTR) and containment of threats.

The Databricks Lakehouse is a cloud-native data platform that combines the benefits of data lakes and data warehouses as a unified solution for all major data workloads. With its powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities, the Databricks Lakehouse provides a single platform for managing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data.

“Hunters and Databricks are the perfect match for advanced detection on a lakehouse architecture and we're just getting started. This integration opens the flood gates to future advanced detection pipelines using ML/AI capabilities in the Databricks Lakehouse,” said Fermín Serna, Chief Security Officer at Databricks.

Security data lakes have brought with them a paradigm shift in security operations. They support the ingestion of massive volumes and variety of data, at the speed of cloud, and allow security platforms to run advanced analytics including AI/ML on top of them with reduced complexity and at a predictable cost. Security operations shouldn’t live in a silo, but rather be where the rest of the organization’s data resides.

The security market has been conditioned to expect that more data means more people, time, and costs to address threats. Hunters shifts that paradigm by leveraging the leading modern data platforms and their powerful scale and cost efficiencies: they provide unlimited data ingestion and storage at a predictable cost, leveraging a pricing model that is based on compute and not storage. Security teams shouldn’t be forced to make the hard decision of what data to store and for how long, but rather have it all readily available without taxing the security budget.

"We are thrilled to announce this integration with the Databricks Lakehouse and our enhanced partnership with Databricks," said Uri May, CEO and Co-founder of Hunters. "At Hunters, we’re committed to the premise that data storage and analytics should be decoupled. Cybersecurity is a big data problem, and yet security teams shouldn’t be spending their time working on data engineering problems like ingestion and preparing the data for security analytics. By integrating with leading data-focused technologies like the Databricks Lakehouse, we are enabling our customers to gain deeper insights into their organization's security and respond to threats more quickly and effectively, bringing their security data lake of choice."

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About Hunters

Hunters delivers a Security Operations Center (SOC) Platform that empowers security teams to automatically identify and respond to security incidents across their entire attack surface. The platform enables vendor-agnostic data ingestion and normalization at a predictable cost, and its built-in detection engineering, data correlation, and automatic investigation help teams overcome volume, complexity, and false positives. Hunters mitigates real threats faster and more reliably than SIEMs, ultimately reducing customers' overall security risk. Enterprises like, Netgear and Cimpress leverage Hunters SOC Platform to empower their security teams. 

Hunters is backed by leading VCs and strategic investors including Stripes, YL Ventures, DTCP, Cisco Investments, Bessemer Venture Partners, U.S. Venture Partners (USVP), Microsoft’s venture fund M12, Blumberg Capital, Snowflake, Databricks, and Okta.

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