tldr; Hunters is revolutionizing the way security teams operate, with our AI-powered SOC Platform and the dedicated experts behind it. With Hunters Academy, we’re delivering the combined expertise of: our fanatic customer support team, SOC analysts from various industries and geographies, and Hunters product experts directly to our customers and partners through an easily accessible, on demand platform. Hunters Academy empowers SOC teams to utilize the full value of Hunters SOC Platform from Day 1, and celebrates the people of the SOC who continuously grow their knowledge to keep their organizations secure. 


What is Hunters Academy? 

Hunters Academy is an online learning experience platform that offers courses and certifications about using Hunters SOC Platform to improve Security Operations. The content is designed for SOC Analysts of all levels, and helps them build upon their Security Operations skillset. Topics include: Onboarding data sources, Best practices for managing the SOC Queue, Detector Tuning, Creating Dashboards, Custom Detectors, and more. 


Designed by SOC Analysts, for SOC Analysts.

All learning materials in Hunters Academy were built in close collaboration with SOC Analysts, making the content useful, relevant and job-specific. For example, more than 80% of learners who have completed our Technical Foundations certification indicated the content was useful and relevant to their job, and more than 90% of learners agreed that the certification prepared them to utilize Hunters SOC platform, and realize its full value. (Note: improvements to recommended audience and content were made since initial survey responses were collected, to address feedback shared accompanying the lowest responses.) 


Learners can also earn CPE (Continuing Professional Education) or CEU (Continuing Education Unit) credits for completing Hunters Academy Certifications, which count towards maintaining relevant industry accreditations (such as: CISSP, CISA, Security+, etc.). 1 Hour of Learning or Learning Activity is equal to 1 Credit (CPE or CEU). 


A Modern Learning Experience: Hands-On Practice, Modular, To-the-Point

We believe that shifting from legacy SIEM to a SOC Platform doesn’t need to be overcomplicated or lengthy. Aligned with that, the courses in Hunters Academy are lite, modular and to-the-point. Your SOC team can start on our self-paced Technical Foundations Certification as soon as you sign with Hunters, and within the first minutes of the Certification, learners will get hands-on practice in a simulated Hunters SOC Platform. 


Celebrate your New Knowledge

Since launching our first Certification just a year ago, we have had over 350 Analysts complete it, and have nearly 300 more learners in-progress! Today, we are excited to announce that we have awarded digital badges to everyone who is Hunters Certified! We will continue to award digital badges for every learner who becomes Hunters Certified going forward. 

Thank you to all of the SOC Analysts, CISOs, Engineers and Product Experts for spending valuable time getting certified, sharing feedback, or participating in beta testing!


Hunters Certification: Practitioner (beta)

Another exciting addition to Hunters Academy is the Practitioner Certification. This Certification is now available to Hunters Customers and Partners in beta (request access to the beta using the form on this webpage). The Practitioner Certification enables Analysts to complete advanced tasks in Hunters SOC Platform, including: Data Source Onboarding, Custom Analytics, Detector Tuning, Building Dashboards & Notebooks, and more. The Certification (including the assessment) takes 2.5 hours to complete. 


Be Part of the Hunters Academy Community

As we grow, our learners will continue to be an intrinsic part of Hunters Academy. We envision the Hunters Academy Community as collective for: sharing best practices, featuring SOC success stories, and collaborating to overcome challenges or answer difficult questions. We’ll enrich the conversation by infusing market-defining product updates, expert insights, and blackbelt challenges from Team Axon.