In the past year, our team met with hundreds of security leaders and discussed the changes their organizations are going through, their challenges, and the opportunities they see to improve the way threat detection and response is managed. Many describe similar realities when it comes to their SOCs: hiring and retaining talent is harder than ever, the complexity of defending the fast-changing IT environment is increasing, and it is hard to keep up with the pace of adversaries.

Many complain that the triangle of people-process-technology in the SOC is out of sync, as the SIEM - the main technology used by the SOC - is no longer serving its purpose: is too complex to deploy and maintain, has limited scalability and affordability, and requires too much overhead to operate.

In light of this reality, Hunters launched its SOC Platform: a complete solution that automates and streamlines the major workflows of the SOC: data ingestion, data correlation, threat detection, incident investigation, incident response, and reporting. Our idea was to bring to the market a purpose-built solution that specifically addresses inefficiencies across all security workflows to free up the time of people in the SOC - data engineers, detection engineers, analysts of all tiers, and threat hunters - to focus on work that matters.

As a SOC platform, we serve the people who work in security operations. Our job is to anticipate their needs, improve their environment and build technology and services that help them achieve better results.

Now we are updating Hunters’ look to fit our vision for the future of security operations:

  • Celebrating the humans at the SOC
  • Making security less burdensome and more fulfilling
  • Sharing an optimistic outlook for the future of security as a partner and enabler to the business

Cybersecurity brands have typically opted for dark colors and imagery that include lines of code or menacing hackers with hoodies. These visual metaphors can make the security profession seem like a niche, accessible to only a few. Naturally, as a brand, we want to be differentiated and stand out, as we too, fell into the trap for a long time of the dark blue and the red color palettes. But our choice of new imagery and a bright color palette go beyond that – it comes from our wish to encourage a sense of belonging, to inspire our employees and our users to feel proud of where they work, and to inject a dose of optimism into cybersecurity.

We are switching from a threat-centric to a human-centric view, putting people in the center. Check our new Homepage and follow up on LinkedIn!

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