Extract, transform, load, known commonly as ETL, are the processes applied to move data from one or more databases to a unified repository, known as a security data lake. The processes have traditionally been used by data engineers and analysts to have unified data available, usually in data warehouses, for business intelligence processes and reporting.

As organizations capture data at cloud-scale, it becomes crucial to have cost-effective and accessible storage to retain security data. The security ETL process enables all security data to be centralized in a unifying platform rather than across dozens of siloed data sources, making security data ready for query and analysis to enhance threat detection, compliance and investigation of past incidents.

What can a Security ETL solution do for me?

The heavy lifting to move data into a schema is done within the solution, freeing up security resources to focus on mission critical tasks. Hunters takes care of extraction, transformation and loading of the data including:

  • Data collection from sources like APIs, Amazon S3, or other locations
  • Monitoring for source changes and updates
  • Infrastructure and associated logic
  • Data mapping into a schema that makes it easier for you to make queries
  • Maintaining original format to ensure no data is lost in the process.


Hunters Security ETL for Snowflake is designed for organizations that need to centralize security data but are not yet ready for a full security operations platform. Leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud built in AWS, this offering is ideal for:

Growing security organizations

For young, scaling SOCs, centralizing security data for threat detection and response is an important but complex next step. Teams considering a data lake can simplify the process by adopting a managed Security ETL solution.

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Legacy SIEM users
in transition

Larger, more established organizations moving away from legacy SIEMs into more modern security platforms face a unique set of challenges. Security ETL can help these teams evaluate a SOC Platform before committing fully.

Maturing your security operations

Hunters Security ETL customers can easily expand to the full Hunters SOC Platform when ready, to add:

  • Full suite of data integrations with a more comprehensive level of schema mapping
  • Advanced security operations capabilities for threat detection, automatic investigation, incident prioritization, correlation of security data, and presentation of incidents as comprehensive attack stories.

Security teams
and SIEM

Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions have traditionally been the center of security operations. Ingesting firewall and endpoint logs from on-premises and other sources, the SIEM once served as the unifying platform for security telemetry, and the go-to place for security analysts to conduct investigations on incidents and alerts.

As valuable as they have been, security teams increasingly report that SIEMs have become “costly, complex and resource-consuming” and are searching for options. (ESG’s survey research “The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC”).