What is Security Analytics?

Security Analytics leverages the power of big data and machine learning to detect, investigate, prioritize, and correlate threat signals across security telemetry to detect threats and appropriately respond to incidents.


By utilizing petabyte-scale volumes of security data from a variety of sensors, including endpoint, cloud, and network, SOC teams can achieve broader visibility across the entire attack surface.

Transform your security analytics
with Hunters SOC Platform

data in one place
All of your data. One central location.

Using an embedded cloud-scale data lake Hunters eliminates data silos and introduces full visibility into all data sources: cloud, on-prem, endpoint, identity, network, and more. 

Constant, “always-hot” data availability

A single-tier, “always-hot” data model allows instant access to historical data for more comprehensive detection and threat visibility.

Speed up your SOC
Eliminate SOC Inefficiencies

Our experts' security knowledge comes out-of-the-box with the product. Threat detection, scoring, and investigation is automated and always up-to-date: no manual rule-writing required. 

Discover new threats, faster
Discover never-seen-before threats

Hunters’ graph-based Correlation Engine builds context around telemetry signals and visually maps attack activity. Correlated signals and alerts are then automatically packaged into a human-readable attack story. 

Implementing an effective threat hunting workflow

1 - Choose a Hunting Domain

Hunters SOC Platform’s seamless ingestion of raw data and signals from any telemetry source gives threat hunters easy access to all relevant data from the Hunters portal: endpoint, cloud, network, email, identity, and more.

Centralize your Security Operations

Reduce security tool complexity by having all security analytics in a single pane of glass Reduce analyst fatigue by having all information available on one screen

Improve your SOC metrics

Drastically decrease mean time to detection (MTTD) with our out-of-the-box detection methods With security operations and data centralized, SOC teams can collaborate more easily rather than being siloed

Security Analytics | XDR

Hunters XDR extracts both raw data and alerts from existing security data using a stream processing analytics technology which enables near real-time processing and complex analytics.